A Packet of Information for Submitting a Statement


Select below for a complete ZIP file containing all the information  you need to properly submit a statement for the board on your FITREP or EVAL


Upon paying you will be e-mailed a zip document giving you everything you need for submitting a statement to the Record. You will receive:

  • An example statement to the board (MS Word format)
  • An example special request chit to request mast in (PDF Format)
  • An example script of what you should ask for at mast, and what you should not ask for at mast (PDF Format)
  • An example e-mail to write to your reporting senior in the event he/she has detached your command (MS Word Format)
  • A flow chart to help you think through the steps of submitting a statement
  • BUPERS INST 1610.10 – The Navy Eval and FITREP Instruction (PDF Format)

Note: This packet does NOT include phone counseling. If you are interested in phone counseling please select this Phone Counseling Packet.

If you purchase this packet you will receive a coupon code for $25 off a future purchase or for additional counseling.

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