New Navy Performance Evaluation System 101

Reference: This Navy Evaluation post was taken from BUPERS ONLINE

The Navy is making great progress in fielding an enhanced and modern performance evaluation system that emphasizes quality feedback to improve individual and unit performance – a must in this era of a return to Great Power Competition.  

The new Navy evaluation system places greater value on merit over seniority or tenure. It eliminates “forced distribution,” with relative ranking against peers in categorized groups within a command, and instead rates a Sailor’s performance on paygrade-based objective standards. These standards are captured in trait categories that reflect key attributes of professional competence and character. Sailors are evaluated on value statements from within these trait categories using an expanded 9-point scale for greater accuracy and distinction. The evaluator responds intuitively during a short, timed window when providing a score for each value statement.  This approach will apply to both the proposed coaching and evaluation processes.  The current test phase in progress focuses primarily on the coaching phase.   The multi-source assessment and feedback (MSAF) tool is a commercially developed web-based application that supports the coaching process designed to deliver candid, open and actionable feedback to the Sailor. 

The Multi Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) coaching process starts with a self-assessment then combines input from subordinates, peers and the direct supervisor to provide comprehensive feedback through various perspectives to each Sailor.  Assessments can be requested by the Sailor or the supervisor. An information rich report is then made available for the Sailor and the supervisor to discuss performance and chart a way forward to drive self and unit improvement. 

The formal performance evaluation (eval or fitrep) tool will look nearly identical, but will involve only the rater, senior rater, and the individual being rated. This process and tool will better enable coaching sessions, which just aren’t occurring across the Fleet today like they should.