Navy Performance Evaluation System FAQs

Q1. Why are we developing the Performance Evaluation Transformation (PET) system?

A1. As the Navy becomes more agile, performance evaluation needs to adapt to current evaluation and coaching techniques and stay current in the ability to identify and differentiate talent. Our performance evaluation system needs to better match how we evaluate mission performance. We are in a competition for talent, and must know how to recognize and develop it now and going forward.

Q2. What are the goals of the new PET?

A2. The existing evaluation and fitness reporting system has served us well, but technology now allows us the ability to delve more deeply into specific traits regarding how Sailors meet the goals that are set for them. Additionally, successes should be more accurately measured by aligning with a fixed standard rather than comparing Sailors to each other. The goal is to build a stronger support mechanism for managing talent by infusing more mentoring, coaching and counseling into the system – all of which research shows support the requirements of a multi-generationally manned service.

Q3. How is the transformation to a new evaluation system being done?

A3. To ensure the final product meets the current needs of the Navy but is agile enough to adapt as technology changes, the Navy is systematically developing the new evaluation system by running a series of pilots, or phases. After each pilot phase concludes and the results are assessed, the system adapts to address any issues identified and another pilot is conducted. Two pilots of the new performance evaluation system program have been completed, the results assessed and changes implemented. Now we are in the third pilot which will focus on performance coaching that provides candid and actionable feedback to Sailors.

Q4. When is the New Navy Evaluation system going to be available?

A4. After results of the third pilot are assessed and any needed changes implemented, the goal is to begin using the informal coaching tool in mid-2019. This will allow Sailors to become familiar with the tool and will assist in obtaining additional Fleet input and feedback. There are plans for future phases to begin as soon as practical thereafter.

If you have any additional questions regarding the New Navy’s Performance Evaluation System please ask below.