Training FITREP/Eval Bullets

Eager to share knowledge and experience; key to his sections 100 percent  operational readiness

Developed and implemented a special PT program with 100 percent success

Constantly teaches sailors

Trained and conditioned six sailors who failed the APFT to pass within four weeks

Encouraged a positive training environment by promoting teamwork

Best trainer in the company; always assigned the most difficult classes to teach

Expert knowledge and insight were vital during critical field training exercises

Trained students to exceed normal standards

Quickly identifies and develops plan to overcome training shortcomings

Coached and mentored 8 Recruiters in all aspects of their profession

Willingly shares his knowledge and insight

Excellent attention to detail brought outstanding results for training areas

Devoted his total attention to sailor development

Enforces teamwork and a positive training environment

Qualified 50 out of 50 with assigned weapons

Demonstrates the patience and the ability to articulate clearly so all sailors understand the training event

As unit HAZMAT instructor, doubled the number of qualified handlers

Effectively ensures training standards are met

Best Master Driver instructor in company

Experienced trainer; excellent with individuals or groups

Consistently seeks ways to enhance and improve company training

Stresses safety first during all training events

Planned, organized and implemented a diet and nutrition program foroverweight sailors

Dynamic teaching skills; motivates sailors to excel in training

Team player who trains students to achieve their maximum potential

Inspires teamwork and a winning professional attitude

Training management excellence; students were always well informed and prepared for training

Enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to provide every sailor with quality training

Refined and developed training strategies which enhanced the quality of division  level training

Motivated trainer who sets high standards; trains sailors until standards are met

Tactical and technical proficiency exceed that of his peers; Excellent,result-oriented trainer

Successfully completes training with superior results