Progressing Eval/FITREP Bullets

Below are Evaluation Bullets for service members who are still progressing. The intent with the below comments is to send the message that a service member is subpar or progressing. Without blasting the member on his FITREP/Eval this can be accomplished a number of ways.

1) Praise the member for something he is doing below his rank

LT Smith is doing a great job as the ships Bell Shining Office

2) Praise for inconsequential or minor progress

ENS Smith did a good job taking pictures for the Ships cruse book

3) State what the member did with out placing an (outstanding,superb, excellent.

verb in front of the statement

Ran the ship MWR program”

4) State future expectations

Petty Officer Johnson is expected to become an outstanding leader

5) State a command praise with no relation to the member

Command received the honored Battle E Award while PO Smith was onboard

6) Just be crystal clear and say exactly what you mean

LT Smith is an excellent officer; however, not ready for the responsibilities of department head

Maintains a positive demeanor and strives for success in every challenge. Regrettably not equipped to handle the fast-paced operational and watch standing environment specific to the SWO community.

Highly recommended for staff or restricted line community transfer where his strength as an officer will allow him to excel

Seaman Smith consistently provides input by suggesting better ways to accomplish the mission.

Volunteered to act as the liaison officer between two competing squadrons for limited parking.

Managed the medical records of 19 Detachment personnel without loosing one.

He would be my EP if he met weight standards.

Edited commands cruise book finest Ive seen.

Assisted in preparing for commands holiday party.

Contributed to the Navys efforts to thwart Y2K impact on operations.

This officer supports Navy Core Values because his people have not yet been to COS mast

The Clarence Darrow of Squadron legal officers.

Petty Officer Smith is a very respectful and hard working Petty Officer.

He is a very knowledgeable damage control team member who is always first to point out a better way of handling situations.

Plankowner of Smith. Petty Officer Smith assisted in the building of a new detachment, which went from startup to FEP in less than eight months.

Important player in the command completion of CART and Readiness Training.

Oversaw the Units 3-M program by assisting in the management of over $400k of supplies

Completed the challenging SAPR course and received a grade of 92% for the final written test.

Responsible for the safe handling, storage and accountability of over 25 confidential and secret publications.

Petty Officer Smith is a resourceful sailor who truly excels in his administrative tasks. He is expected to become a strong operational leader and example to the sailors below him.