Personal Traits FITREP/Eval Bullets

Enlisted Evaluation Personal Traits Bullets:

Fully capable of meeting new situations head-on and applying himself in a highly resourceful manner.

Physically fit, possesses stamina to carry on in demanding situations.

A continuing source of innovative ideas and positive contributions.

Contributes full measure to any task, willingly accepts added responsibility

Takes exceptional pride in image he projects, wears immaculate, inspection-ready uniform on a daily basis.

Possessed with an unending urge ”and ability ”to achieve.

Calm and affable nature is a valuable asset in daily activities.

Enjoys Navy lifestyle and is quick to offer positive advice to subordinates on ways to increase their worth and contribution to a team effort.

A self starter, who can plan ahead, usually has most of a project laid out before formal tasking.

Deep concern for well being of others, total dedication and support to the Navy and the command he serves highlight daily activities.

Excellent in attitude and capability Unique ability to perform under pressure.

Ready wit and pleasing personality enhances morale.

Alert, dynamic, highly intelligent with a creative mind.

Can be relied upon to take the initiative in implementing changes in policy or procedure.

Cultivates understanding, harmony, and esprit de corps.

Deep sense of pride and respect for Navy regulations and traditions.

Team player, places high emphasis on cooperation and teamwork.

Demonstrates unsurpassed professionalism

Uncompromisingly committed to the principles of equal opportunity and fair treatment to all service members.

Honest, sincere, and unquestionable integrity

Remarkable ability to adapt to requirements of superiors

Exhibits personal and professional qualities that are prerequisite for personnel seeking greater responsibility

Dedicated, with an obvious willingness to serve with pride in any endeavor