Management FITREP/Eval Bullets

Management and Leadership:

Possesses professional competence to know what to do, fortitude to decide how to do it, and dynamic leadership to inspire others to accomplish it.

Draws on abilities and strengths of subordinates A student of human nature with superior ability to inspire cooperation from subordinates

Made himself/herself the man/woman to see when subordinates need the guidance of either personal or professional manner

Displays firm grasp and use of effective leadership principles

Executes excellent management practices by blending concern for others with job accomplishment

Possesses the spark of leadership, creative ability, and self-confidence to excel in any assignment Genial, cooperative, with the courage of conviction

Personified leadership by example

Fair, impartial leader; respects the rights of others

Every goal and objective met timely and correctly the first time around

Rare ability to apply corrective counseling and have it accepted in a positive manner

Quick to take the lead in coordinating activity and providing guidance and supervision A master at achieving maximum use of limited resources

Positive Navy attitude and personal application of distinctive leadership consistently inspired higher achievements from peers and subordinates Intense individual whose paramount interest is in the efficiency of his organization

Great foresight, prepared for any eventuality

Observes chain of command principles effectively delegates administrative and managerial responsibilities

Radiates confidence, composure, and competence

Skillful manager; proven ability to attain high standards of performance

Strong leader; instills in subordinates the same desire to excel that he/she has

Original thinker; offers new and innovative ideas