Enhancers and Detractors for the Chiefs Board

Chief Board Enhancers

Sustained SUPERIOR performance + strong recommendation for CPO

Demonstrated leadership; LPO at Sea, significant roles, and deck plate sailorization

Strong break-out among peers in large groups are better than 1 of 1 ranking

Documented performance/qualifications in advance watch stations/specialties/ratings

Tough assignments – Serving in support of GWOT, SPECWAR assignments, arduous sea  duty, instructor billet (MTS/ATS a plus), RDC tours, recruiter duty (RINC a plus), special programs and in-rating shore duty assignment held more weight than general duty

Individual Augmentee – IA (documented performance and location)

Collateral duties (especially those outside the division and department)

Proper Sea/Shore/Overseas rotation

Education and community service

Chief Board Detractors

Declining responsibilities/performance

Failure to obtain expected qualifications (watches, warfare, other)

Limited leadership or LPO experience

Relaxed assignments (back-to-back) shore

Instructor tour without MTS/ATS

Pattern of assignments in overseas shore commands (counting as sea duty) for most ratings

PRT/PFA failure

NJP/Civil Offenses