How should the promotion recommendation block be filled out?

How is the Promotion Recommendation Block to be filled out?

Promotion recommendations should be consistent with the performance trait grades, and with the Individual or Member Trait Average displayed on the form. Do not make “Early Promote” and “Must Promote” recommendations merely because quotas are available, and do not recommend any member as “Promotable” who could not, if called on, currently perform the basic duties of the next higher grade. Furthermore, Do not automatically place individuals in the “Early Promote” category when they are evaluated singly. Use the same standards for trait grades and recommendations as are used for other members of the command. For enlisted personnel, a recommendation of “Promotable” or above is the CO’s official recommendation for advancement, even if made by a delegated reporting senior. A mark of Progressing cannot be assigned on an EVAL or CHIEFEVAL when a Promotable or higher promotion recommendation for advancement has been given in a previous report in the same pay grade. A member’s promotion recommendation can go from “Significant Problems” on one report to “Early Promote” on the next report based on the member’s performance and the reporting senior’s recommendation.