How is FITREP / EVAL Counseling to be conducted?

How Do We Perform the FITREP and Evaluation Counseling?

Counseling methods are up to the CO or OIC. Performance counseling shall be provided at the mid-point of the periodic report cycle, and when the report is signed. The mid-term performance counseling schedule is listed in chapter 18. The counselor will be a supervisor who participates in the member’s EVAL, CHIEFEVAL, or FITREP preparation. COs will guide the counseling program and monitor counselor performance and results. The objectives are to provide feedback to the member and to motivate and assist improvement. Performance counseling starts with a fair assessment of the member’s performance and capabilities, to which the member contributes. It identifies the members’ strengths and motivates their further improvement. It also addresses important weaknesses, but should not dwell on unimportant ones. It should avoid personality and concentrate on performance. The FITREP, CHIEFEVAL, and EVAL forms are used as counseling worksheets and must be signed by the counselor and member. Counselors may use the tick marks next to each performance standard and assign tentative trait grades and may write comments. Under no circumstances should a future promotion recommendation be promised during counseling.

How Do We Administer the FITREP / EVAL System?

The FITREP, CHIEFEVAL, and EVAL program is the responsibility of the Chief of Naval Personnel. As such, only that office can modify personnel evaluation policies and procedures. COs and OICs are encouraged to establish local procedures for such matters as member input forms, delegation plan, guidance for delegated reporting seniors and raters, maintaining uniform grading and promotion recommendation standards, and review of adverse or other delegated reports that require command review.