How can FITREP / EVAL be changed or supplemented?

P. Passed both PRTand BCA

B. Passed the BCA but was authorized non-participation in the PRT for other than medical waiver reasons (see code “N” for non-participation reasons). Use of this code requires a comment in the comments on performance block (block 43 –E1-E6 evaluations, block 41 –fitness reports, block 41 –E7-E9 chief evaluations) with reason for non-participation in PRT. F. Overall PFA failure (failed BCA or PRT).

M. Medically waived from entire PFA (BCA and PRT).

W. Passed BCA but medically waived from 1 or more PRT event (s).

N. No PFA conducted during reporting period. Non-participation in entire PFA (BCA and PRT) due to deployment/operationalassignment(Dep/Op), IAMM, GSA, OSA,pregnancy, temporary additional duty (TEMADD),or excused. (Note: BCAsshall be accomplished on all members even if onboard less than 10 weeks or unable to participate in PRT due to Dep/Op. Dep/Op for BCA must be approved by the immediate superior in command (ISIC). Use of this code does not require justification for PRT non-participation in the comments on performance block.

Note: Format for block 20 shall be from oldest to most recent PFA performed during the reporting period. For example, PBF in block 20 and PFA: 10-1/10-2/11-1 in block 29 indicates that the member passed 2010 cycle1, did not participate in the PRT portion of 2010 cycle2, and failed 2011 cycle 1.