This document will be updated on the Navy’s MyNavyHR Page. For the latest and greatest support and information regarding eNavFit, visit: https://www.mynavyhr.navy.mil/Career-Management/Performance-Evaluation/eNAVFIT/

What is eNavFit?

The eNavFit interface is a technology bridge between NAVFIT98A and the Navy’s future performance appraisal application. Despite being an interim change, eNavFit boasts many benefits for the Navy enterprise and its Sailors including electronic routing and submission, digital signature, user-end policy validation, and PII reduction for FITREPS and Evaluations.

What is the biggest difference between NAVFIT98 and the new eNavFit?

The eNavFit interface uses electronic validations, which will reduce the need for manual validation by PERS-32 personnel. This will increase their efficiency in processing reports to a member’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). In addition to improving back-end efficiency, eNavFit will offer user-end, real-time input field validations that will reduce or eliminate common error rejections, electronic routing, electronic submission, and PII reductions conforming to new DoD policies. 3. How do I access eNavFit? Log into BUPERS Online (BOL) and select the “Navy Personnel Command Document Services” link.

What browser should I use for eNavFit?

Google Chrome is recommended for eNavFit. However, the interface is compatible with any HTML 5-compliant internet browser including Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Apple Safari. There are no eNavFit mobile applications in development; users are highly recommended to use a desktop or laptop to access eNavFit.

Does the eNavFit interface time out? / Why am I receiving an error message when moving to the next screen?

BOL has an inactivity timer of fifteen minutes. The eNavFit interface opens additional browser windows, and BOL does not view activity in these additional windows as activity in BOL. Users may receive a Black Box error code when attempting to save. Users should completely log out of BOL and log back in to complete their actions. Users are highly recommended to save early and often.

Overall, what are the features of eNavFit?

The eNavFit interface contains the following options:  Start Appraisal (Start a FITREP or EVAL)  Start Summary Group  Manage Appraisal (View/Edit/Sign reports you have access to)  Manage Summary Group (View/Edit/Submit Summary Groups)
 Upcoming Queue (Review a list of items you have action on) eNavFit also provides tool-tips, which are question mark icons that appear next to individual input fields and provide policy summaries.

What is an appraisal?

In eNavFit, FITREPS/Evaluations are called “appraisals.” 8. Are there references to assist me with eNavFit? eNavFit provides tool-tips to assist users in providing consistent, policy-derived inputs. However, it is highly recommended that users be well-versed in BUPERSINT 1610.10 (Series) policy. Users should also reference the eNavFit User Guide.

How can I find a service member in the eNavFit search engine?

The eNavFit interface uses the DODID or email address of service members to locate personnel information. All members are highly recommended to keep their BOL information current, and to use official email addresses in BOL for the best result when locating members in eNavyFit. It may take up to 48 hours for the personnel information to update.

How can I send an evaluation back to a previous reviewer for editing or review?

eNavFit allows reviewers at the appraisal level to return or forward appraisals back and forth using the “Previous Reviewer” and “Next Reviewer” buttons.

Can I check the status of my appraisal?

A member or reviewer will not have visibility of their report status throughout the entire workflow process; however, users can see the status of appraisals that they have access to in their “Upcoming Queue” menu. Only the Reporting Senior and their Trusted Agent can check the status of reports at any time during the workflow process.

How can I obtain a copy of my appraisal?

Users will have the opportunity to view/print/save their appraisal from eNavFit once all members have applied their signatures from the “Manage Appraisal” menu.

Can you submit an incomplete FITREP/EVAL?

No. The eNavFit interface will not allow a summary group or appraisal to enter “Sign” status if there are field errors. Field errors will be highlighted red with an error notification

In eNavFit, what does the option “Validate Form” do?

The “Validate Form” button runs a series of validation checks against the policy to verify that inputs confirm to the directive. Fields with proper inputs will display a green status bar next to them. Fields with errors will display a red status bar next to them and an error notification.

Is it possible to correct a grammatical or spelling error after routing my appraisal?

eNavFit will show a red line below misspellings at the time of entry. If a spelling or grammar error needs to be corrected, the appraisal can be routed to or from other reviewers to be modified, as long as it is in a route status. The Reporting Senior or Trusted Agent can also modify a report.

What if I upload a NAVPERS form and receive an error that it is not valid?

The eNavFit interface will only accept documents with proper eNavFit tags. Documents uploaded without these tags will result in an on-screen error notification

Can eNavFit flag date gaps/errors?

No, eNavFit will not identify date gaps between a member’s reports.

Can eNavFit recognize adverse EVALS?

Yes, eNavFit will automatically flag inputs meeting the adverse criteria as stated within the current policy. It will not evaluate inputs within the comments section (blocks 42 & 43)

Can I attach documents to a member’s evaluation on eNavFit?

Adding attachments is a planned enhancement to the eNavFit interface, which will be implemented at a future date. The current method for including attachments remains via a preferred mail carrier

How does a member sign their FITREP/EVAL online in eNavFit?

or online reports: Once the report has been placed in a “Sign” status, members should apply an electronic signature to their appraisals in the “Manage Appraisal” task menu. For offline reports: Members will apply a digital signature via the Adobe form Sign certification.

Can any Reporting Senior (including one in a Joint Service Command) have access to eNavFit?

Yes. Please reference BUPERSINST 1610.10 (Series), or the eNavFit User Guide for more information.

Do I have to acknowledge the role of a Reporting Senior to complete FITREP/EVAL routing?

Yes, acknowledging the Reporting Senior Role is required prior to entering summary group information or performance appraisal information.

After you acknowledge a Reporting Senior, what happens if you need to change this field to use a different member as the Reporting Senior?

Reporting Senior information can be modified at the summary group level through the “Manage Summary Group” menu. If a member’s appraisal needs to be assigned to a different Reporting Senior, that can be done at the appraisal level through the “Manage Appraisal” menu.

Does the Administrative Officer need to receive all FITREPS/EVALs for a summary group to be able to route the summary group to the Reporting Senior?

f the reports are being completed online from the “Manage Summary Group” menu, then the Reporting Senior will be capable of viewing all appraisals in a summary group at any time. If the reports are being completed in an intermittent or offline environment, they may be routed to the Reporting Senior via email or paper copy.

Can I retract an appraisal that has been submitted to Navy Personnel Command (NPC)?

eNavFit has two statuses when submitting an appraisal to NPC: “Submitting” and “Submitted.” Summary groups in a “Submitting” status can be retracted by shifting the summary group to an earlier status. This effectively cancels the submission, but will require all signatures to be reapplied if any information is modified. All summary groups in a “Submitted” status have been received by NPC and cannot be modified without an administrative change letter per BUPERSINST 1610.10 (Series).

Can I access my FITREP/EVAL history within eNavFit?

Users will have access to appraisals that are submitted via eNavFit. However, members are highly recommended to review their OMPF regularly to ensure it contains correct information/reports.

Will eNavFit work offline?

es. The eNavFit interface has been designed for three primary bandwidth environments: online (fully connected), intermittent (low-bandwidth, periods of disconnect), and disconnected (no connectivity). Offline capability is provided using an Adobe version of the appraisal. Blank forms can be downloaded prior to disconnection or forwarded via email by another user

What does intermittent connectivity mean?

Intermittent connectivity implies limited internet connectivity and/or limited bandwidth. Connection speeds may be slow and limit online use resulting in periods of disconnection. eNavFit will allow users to save and download their inputs as an Adobe PDF document to be completed offline until connection to the internet stabilizes, at which point the user may upload the PDF back into the online environment or continue offline as they desire.

If needed, can I download a blank copy of the NAVPERS form to complete a FITREP/EVAL manually?

Yes. Users may download a blank or pre-populated NAVPERS 16XX form through the “Start
Appraisal” menu option.

What happens when I upload an offline form?

When a user uploads an offline form into the eNavFit interface, all user inputs will be copied into the online document. A user can then resume their work from the point they left off in the offline PDF document.

When I open a downloaded Adobe PDF version of eNavFit, is says unreadable, what should I do? The downloaded forms may attempt to open in a browser version OR the Adobe program version that the user has selected as their default. If the document states that there is an error, attempt to open the document using another method. Once an appraisal is signed, can it be uploaded into eNavFit for electronic submission? Yes. Only digitally signed appraisals will be accepted for upload into the eNavFit interface. All manually signed, wet-signature documents will be rejected from upload. A digitally signed offline document is viewed the same as an online signed document by the eNavFit interface.

What happens if my Desktop or Laptop device is automatically disconnected, does eNavFit automatically save my data?

The eNavFit interface does not have an automatic save function. Users are highly recommended to save early and often.