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The 2020 Navy Reading List

The Navy War College just published their official reading list this winter. Coming in at 140 books it is the longest reading of all the four services. If you don’t think you can get through all 140 books before the next list comes out, the 15 books on the cannon would be a good place to start.  

Unfortunately, the most direct option for ordering the Navy Reading list, ordering from the Naval War College, is no longer available. Previously the War College had received  funding to send Navy commands a complete library of the Navy’s reading list; however, that funding expired a few years ago. Until the Navy reinstates this funding, commands remain responsible for acquiring the Navy Reading List on their own

For those interested in ordering these books below are 7 options to make your supply officers job just a little bit easier, and your command just a little bit smarter:

  1. Operation Paperback:  While Operations Paperback does attempt to supply books on the Navy Reading List, they rely on book donations for their distribution. This makes it very hard to “special request” specific books. However, as stated on the Operation Paperback’s website they will attempt to fulfill an order of books from the Navy’s reading list. The form for requesting books can be found here.
  2. Books-A-Million Books to Troops Program: Books-A-Million has partnered with Reach out and Read to provide books to veterans, children and overseas service members.   For individuals or commands serving overseas requests can be submitted directly to
  3. Amazon: While Amazon holds the largest inventory of books around they only hold ready access to approx. 110 books on the Navy’s reading list. The remainder of the books are either out of print or fulfilled by other vendors. If you do choose to purchase from Amazon please consider purchasing through my Navy Reading List page, I have conveniently included links for all the books and will receive a small affiliate commission to help run this website.
  4. Naval War College:  As of this writing the Navy War College no longer has a contract to supply the Navy reading list. But if/when this changes they can be contacted via phone or e-mail here.
  5. US Naval Institute: The USNI has a number of Navy specific reading lists to include a Junior Officer reading list, Commanders reading list and publish a monthly professional naval magazine Proceedings.
  6. For Marine Corps Commands, The Marine Corps Association has a Unit Library program which will provide Marine Corps units with select books from the USMC reading list at no cost to the individual or the command. 
  7. DOD Reads:  If none of the above options meet your needs the Army, Navy, Air Force, USMC and Coast Guard reading list can be purchased directly from DODReads. Their primary customer is the Department of Defense and they make it very easy for your supply officer to purchase a reading list of choice. DODReads is veteran owned and operated with a percent of profits going back to services for the military.