The New BUPERS 1610.10E – Here are the changes you need to know about

The Navy’s New FITREP and Evaluation reporting instruction was recently published in December 2019. It contains significant changes on the following topics

Wherever possible, existing fitness report & counseling record and chief evaluation (CHIEFEVAL)and evaluation (EVAL) report and counseling record policies have been kept in effect. The most important changes to the below instruction include the following:

  • Incorporating NAVADMIN 023/16 that announced the Information Dominance Corps redesignation to the Information Warfare Community
  • Authorizing the PFA code “B” in block 20 for Sailors who achieved the physical readiness test (PRT) incentive announced in NAVADMIN 141/17.
  • Incorporating NAVADMIN 304/17 that announced new administrative separation and report grading rules for official physical fitness assessment (PFA) failures.
  • Assigning 30 September as the periodic report date for the new Chief Warrant Officer-1 (CWO1) Program announced in NAVADMIN 140/18.
  • Incorporating NAVADMIN 193/19 that changed Active Component limited duty officer and chief warrant officer FITREP officer summary groups.
  • Incorporating MILPERSMAN 1610-15 guidance when a member willfully does not meet deployability standards.
  • Authorizing a Special report when a member willfully does not meet deployability standards.
  • Requiring Regular type reports for Navy reservists who perform active duty periods that are greater than the 90 days.
  • Prohibiting reports for Navy reservists who perform active duty periods that are less than 90 days.
  • Allows delegation of reports on members in the grades of E5 through E9, including members frocked to E5, to not be delegated below the grade of lieutenant (O3) designated department heads.
  • Prohibiting reporting seniors, raters,and senior raters from evaluating members who have filed an accusation of sexual misconduct against the reporting senior, rater, or senior rater while an investigation is pending.
  • Incorporating changes to flag officer reporting requirements, to include changes to blocks 14-15 (Period of Report –Table 19-1), requiring submission completions 15 days sooner, and changed the verbiage for blocks 10-13 (Occasion of Report) to read, “Special Reports will be selected for Concurrent or Operational Commander report.”
  • Adding billet specific language requiring reporting seniors evaluating Navy Installation to document in block 41 (comments on performance) their performance in managing family and unaccompanied housing programs.

Below is the Brand new FITREP and EVAL Reporting instruction, also known as BUPERS 1610.10E. You can view it here or down load it below.