New Navy Evaluation

New Navy Performance Evaluation System Phase III Talking points

The Navy is currently in Phase III of testing the Performance Evaluation Transformation (PET)

Navy PET Background:

As part of the Sailor 2025 initiatives, the Chief of Naval Personnel is spearheading a Performance Evaluation Transformation (PET) in order to identify and differentiate talent in a growing Fleet.

Specifically, the goals of this transformation are to -correct real or perceived inequities of the system due to the “forced distribution” of the current system, update the system to better align with the needs of the Navy  to include a stronger emphasis on  mentoring, coaching and counseling and to better support talent management going forward.

The third PET pilot is currently underway and the Fleet is scheduled to begin using the informal counseling tool in mid-2019 – allowing for early familiarization and additional Fleet recommendations to refine the system prior to implementation of the system for use for formal evaluations or fitness reports.

Navy PET Talking Points

  • The Navy is making great progress in fielding an enhanced and modern performance evaluation system that emphasizes quality feedback to improve individual and unit performance – a must in this era of Great Power Competition. 
  • Leaders of competence and character are needed throughout the Fleet.  The Navy is focused on driving culture change that places greater value on the professional and personal development of every member of the team through inspired coaching and effective performance assessment.
  • The new performance evaluation system design concept has been developed using feedback from numerous focus groups, application of human behavioral science, use of commercial information technology (IT) systems and analytic methodology. The new evaluation system will be an online, web-based application accessible from a Sailor’s work or personal computer, tablet or smart phone. 
  • The new performance evaluation system evaluates Sailors against a set standard based on their own career field’s needs – not against their peers or based solely on one person’s opinion – and merit values over longevity or tenure. There is no forced distribution system.
  • Standards have been specifically designed to evaluate traits associated with value statements. With an emphasis on competence and character, the system uses short-duration, timed and intuitive assessment of each value statement on a 9-point scale.
  • The third PET pilot consists of a fleet-wide test with approximately 10,000 Sailors from 140 diverse active-duty and reserve component commands representing numerous Navy communities. This pilot is currently underway and we are incorporating the feedback as it is received.
  • The multi-source assessment feedback (MSAF) coaching tool consists of a self-assessment combined with input from subordinates, peers and the direct supervisor to provide comprehensive feedback through various perspectives to each Sailor.  An information-rich report is available for the Sailor and the supervisor to discuss performance and chart a way forward to drive self and unit improvement.  This process and tool will better enable coaching sessions, which just aren’t occurring across the Fleet today like they should.
  • Using a modern delivery system, the new performance evaluation works on an online, web-based application accessible from both work and personal computers, tablets and even smart phones.
  • This test constitutes the third of five test phases leading to the delivery of the coaching portion of the new system in 2019 and the evaluation portion soon after.