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The New Navy FITREP/Eval Testing Website

As part of the Navy’s Performance Evaluation Transformation (PET) project they released a demo version of the New Navy Eval. This demo version simply allows individuals to get a feel for the categories they will be evaluated on and shows them the scoring rubic.

The New Navy Evaluation Demo can be accessed here:

The New Navy Performance Evaluation Value Statements

  • Actively contributes to an environment of fairness and mutual respect
  • Maintains military grooming standards
  • Effectively leads peers
  • Morally steadfast in the face of negative peer pressure
  • Demonstrates proper military courtesies
  • Actively listens and has the ability to listen with an open mind and identify key issues
  • Displays a positive attitude towards mission, Sailors, and leadership
  • Trains Sailors effectively to achieve mission
  • Achieves qualifications/PME
  • Displays exemplary uniform appearance
  • Approachable and willing to listen
  • Values other team members
  • Aligns behavior with the Navy Core Values – Honor, Courage, Commitment
  • Understands role on team, either as a follower or leader
  • Committed to personnel safety
  • Takes pride in work with no need for recognition
  • Maintains physical fitness standards
  • Enforces a climate of dignity and respect
  • Performs tasks with accuracy utilizing current instructions directives and procedures
  • Enforces chain of command decisions without complaining
  • Exceeds physical fitness standards
  • Displays loyalty to the organization
  • Has exemplary conduct on and off duty
  • Acts ethically, courageously, and dependably
  • Demonstrates self-discipline
  • Fosters atmosphere of acceptance/inclusion
  • Fosters atmosphere of acceptance/inclusion