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What is the 2018 Chiefs Board Looking for?

I’ve heard all the comments regarding the last Chiefs Board.

I sure wish I knew what the Chief’s Board wanted to see…

The Chief’s Board is just a big black hole, I’ve been passed over four times….

It’s a “good old boys society” they just pick their buddies…

The fact is there is a very easy way to tell exactly what the Chief’s board is looking for and a very easy way to write your Navy Evaluation to speak directly to the Chiefs Board. It requires a bit of work, but once one understands the process it is very easy to tell who meets the precepts for promotion to Chief Petty Officer, and who did not make the cut.

The first step is to get on the BUPERS website and locate the CPO Selection board information. In the event the link below is down the information can be reached by following this path: Navy Personnel Command >Boards>Active Duty Enlisted > CPO Selection Boards
Once in the CPO Selection board area you will see four documents per each years selection board:

  • The NAVADMIN announcing the board
  • The Board Precept
  • The Convening orders / Quotas / Membership
  • The NAVADMIN announcing the selectees.

Ignore all else and click on the convening orders for last years board. On the first or second page of that document there is a section titled “Best and Fully Qualified”. Goto the subsection titled “Fully Qualified”. Under that section you will see the traits that define a Fully Qualified Chief. For our current convening orders we see the following:

  • Leadershipis
  • Institutional and Technical Expertese
  • Scope of Responsibility
  • CPO 360 Impact and Petty Officer 1/C association impact
  • Collateral Duties
  • Special Qualifications
  • History of Assignments
  • Education and Professional development

With that list now in hand you can write your Petty Officer Evaluation directly to Master Chiefs that will be reading it. Use the fully qualified bullets to start your Eval statements using a format similar to this:

  • OUTSTANDING LEADER: Petty Officer Smith tool charge over 12 Junior Petty Officers…..
  • RESPECTED TECHNICAL EXPERT: As the lead technical expert on board USS NEVERSAIL PO1 Jones ……
  • WIDE SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY: Not only is Petty Officer Wright an expert electrition, but he is fully engaged throughout the entire Engineering department…..
  • DIVERSE RANGE OF ASSIGNMENTS: Petty Officer Jones is not only an expert in the engineering department, but he also does an outstanding job as the PRT coordinator and command CMEO.