FITREP or Eval Statement

Assistance Writing a FITREP or EVAL Statement

Last FITREP or EVAL not as good as you wanted? I will help you submit a statement.

Submitting a statement is a tough decision. As per BUPERS 1610.10 you have 10 days to submit a statement after signing an adverse report. This give you very little time to gather your material, write the statement, let your mentor review it and submit your statement to the Chain of Command.

If you find yourself in this situation you need professional assistance; more than just your mentor or LPO can provide. Nearly all the statements I have seen do little to benefit you, nor do they cause your command to change the Eval. I will help you by providing counsel and recommendations on the way forward and if you do decide to submit a statement I will write the statement for you and make any edits or modifications you desire.

As always, if you are not 100% happy, I refund your money. My work is yours to keep.

Please contact me below if you would like to discuss prior to purchasing