Phrases, Catch Words & Power Words

32 Knock out Phrases

Thirty Two Knock out Phrases for writing your Navy FITREP or EVAL

Use the format [Sailor name] + [ knock out phrase] + [ impact of the action]

Meticulous attention to detail
Outstanding attributes of
Sound advice, tactfully rendered
Have substantially aided
Can be directly attributed to
Continually accepted
Gave renewed impetus
Effectively planned and supervised
Became infused in
Is evident in
Was instrumental in
Was an inspiration for
Was largely/repeatedly/personally responsible
Were major factors
Was outstandingly successful/effective
Was particularly noteworthy
Was a primary contributing factor in
Acting with vigor and determination
Constantly sought out new avenues for rendering better service
Due to his/her unfailing wisdom and untiring energy
Streamlined operational procedures
Acted as a pillar of strength
Served as a sterling example for all to emulate
Served as an inspiration to those with whom he/she served
Provided positive direction, sound advice, firm guidance, and wise counsel
Always displaying a high spirit of cooperation, willingness, and attentiveness to duty
Because of his/her demonstrated organizational ability and his/her capacity for positive leadership
He/She streamlined operations, which provided smooth teamwork and efficient functioning
Met problems with untiring energy and unfailing wisdom
Were the key to his/her unquestionable success and marked him/her as a Petty Officer of the finest/highest caliber
Constantly set an example by a display of _, _, and _.
Marked him/her as a Petty Officer officer of the finest/highest caliber Proved himself/herself to be outstanding among his/her contemporaries