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122 Adjectives for FITREP and Eval Writing

Looking for some adjectives for your FITREP or Evaluation?  Below are 122 Adjectives to help you with the process.

ABLE: capable, efficient, competent, skillful, clever, gifted, proficient
ACCOMPLISHED: cultivated, learned, skillful, proficient, finished
ACUTE: sagacious, astute, shrewd, discerning, keen, sharp
ADMIRABLE: excellent, commendable, estimable, praiseworthy
AFFABLE: amiable, gracious, friendly, sociable, approachable
AGGRESSIVE: energetic
AMBITIOUS: aspiring, zealous, desirous
ARDENT: zealous, enterprising, eager
ARTFUL: crafty, designing, shrewd, dexterous, skillful, adroit
ASSURED; self-possessed, confident
ASTUTE; shrewd, quick, bright acute
BRILLIANT: distinguished, illustrious, clever, sparkling, keen
CALM: impassive, placid, serene, cool-headed, composed, unruffled
CAPABLE: proficient, competent, qualified, able
COMMENDABLE. praiseworthy
COMPETENT: qualified, able, fit, efficient, capable
COMPLEX: intricate, involved, complicated
CONFIDENT: certain, sure, positive, assured, self-sufficient
CONFORMABLE: adaptable, compliant, agreeable
CONSCIENTIOUS: scrupulous, exact, painstaking
CONSTANT: continual, steadfast, staunch, loyal, unchangeable
COUNTLESS: numberless, innumerable, incalculable, illimitable
COUPLED WITH: in addition to
CUNNING: crafty, artful, dexterous
DAUNTLESS: undaunted, brave, fearless, courageous
DETERMINED: resolute, resolved, decided, firm, indomitable
DEVOTED: ardent, eager, loyal, faithful
DEXTEROUS: adroit, clever, expert, proficient, handy
DIFFERENT: various, incongruous, diversified, varied
DIRECT: straight, undeviating, unswerving, straightforward
DISCERNING: discriminating, clever, keen, subtle
DISTINCT: separate, explicit, definite, clear, distinguishable
DISTINCTIVE: distinguishing, characteristic, peculiar
DISTINGUISHED: celebrated, famous, illustrious, renowned, noted
EAGER: ardent, zealous, fervent, earnest, intent
EFFECTIVE: adequate, telling, effectual, efficient, capable, operative
EFFICIENT: effective, operative, capable, competent
ENERGETIC: strong, forcible, enterprising, active, strenuous, forceful
EQUIVALENT: correspondent, tantamount, equal, convertible, synonymous
ESSENTIAL: vital, requisite, necessary, inherent, basic, substantial
EVIDENT: clear, obvious, manifest, apparent, indubitable, distinct
EXCEPTIONAL: extraordinary, uncommon, rare, unusual, superior
EXHAUSTIVE: comprehensive, all-inclusive, thorough
EXPERIENCED: capable, efficient, trained, qualified, skilled
EXPERT: skilled, adroit, proficient, dexterous, finished
EXTRAORDINARY: remarkable, eminent, rare, uncommon, unusual
EXTREME: utmost, ultra, advanced, radical
EXULTANT: jubilant, elated, triumphant, pleased, satisfied
FABULOUS: extravagant, incredible, ethical, legendary
FACILE: feasible, practicable, within reach, accessible, dexterous, skillful
FAITHFUL: constant, true, loyal, staunch, trustworthy, reliable
FASTIDIOUS: particular, precise, meticulous, exacting, discerning, keen
FAVORABLE: auspicious, advantageous, propitious, helpful, beneficial
FERVENT: ardent, vehement, impassioned, intense, fiery
FINAL: crowning, conclusive, ultimate, last, farthest
FINE: exquisite, elegant, polished, finished, acute, nice, fastidious, excellent,
FINISHED: consummate, faultless, skilled, experienced
FIRM: rigid, fast, secure, determined, resolved, steadfast, staunch
FORCEFUL: effective, telling, graphic, vivid
ILLUSTRIOUS: famous, distinguished, eminent, renowned
IMPLANTED: inset, infused, instilled
IMPORTANT: material, notable, marked, outstanding, remarkable, noteworthy,
INCESSANT: continual, uninterrupted, unceasing
INDICATIVE: significant, characteristic, representative, expressive
INDUSTRIOUS: assiduous, diligent, busy, hardworking
INEXHAUSTIBLE: unfailing, unlimited
INFALLIBLE: unfailing, reliable, indubitable, certain, sure
INFECTIOUS: catching
INFINITE: countless, innumerable, boundless, unbounded, immeasurable
INFLEXIBLE: firm, stiff, unyielding, grim, stern
INGENIOUS: resourceful, inventive, clever, adroit
INHERENT: intrinsic, innate, inseparable, essential
INTENSE: extreme, profound, acute, keen, concentrated, ardent
INVALUABLE: priceless, precious
INVARIABLE: regular, constant, unchangeable
INVINCIBLE: unyielding, uncompromising, unconquerable, indomitable
KEEN: eager, ardent, acute, discerning, shrewd, quick
MANIFEST: apparent, evident, conspicuous, striking, prominent, notable
MARKED: conspicuous, prominent, noticeable
MATCHLESS: unequaled, supreme, peerless
MEMORABLE: notable, remarkable
NOTEWORTHY: remarkable, exceptional, extraordinary
OUTSTANDING: eminent, prominent, signal
PAINSTAKING: diligent, careful, particular
PARAMOUNT: supreme, chief, dominant
PEERLESS: Unrivaled, matchless, supreme, unequaled
PENETRATIVE: acute, discerning, astute
PERCEPTIBLE: perceivable, cognizable, discernible, visible
PERCEPTIVE: knowing, percipient, cognitive
PERFECT: faultless, immaculate, impeccable, flawless, inimitable,
PERSISTENT: persevering, unfailing
PERSPICUOUS: clear, lucid, explicit, exact distinct intelligible, manifest
PERTINACIOUS: persistent, firm, constant, resolute, unyielding
PLACID: calm, peaceful, gentle, serene, unruffled, undisturbed
PLEASURABLE: gratifying, pleasing, delightful, agreeable
POSITIVE: emphatic, inescapable, certain, absolute
POSSESSING: possessed of, master of, in possession of, endowed,
PRECISE: prim, rigid, unbending, exact, definite, punctilious
PREDOMINANT: ruling, controlling, supreme
PREEMINENT: distinguished, renowned, foremost, paramount, superior,
PRESSING: urgent, persistent, critical, exacting
PRODIGIOUS: huge, vast, immense, enormous, portentous, astonishing,
PROFICIENT: expert, adept, masterly, dexterous, adroit, skillful
PROMINENT: marked, salient, important, distinguished, influential
REMARKABLE: distinguished, noteworthy, memorable, rare
RESOLUTE: determined, unflinching, firm, steadfast, tenacious, indomitable,
SEDULOUS: diligent, persevering, untiring, assiduous
STEADFAST: constant, steady, persevering, firm, loyal
STERN: grim, unyielding, resolute
STIMULATING: inspiring, keen, spirited
STRENUOUS: active, energetic, ardent, zealous, resolute, persevering,
TACTFUL: diplomatic, conciliatory
TENACIOUS: persistent, persevering, unyielding, unwavering
UNBOUNDED: boundless, unlimited, endless
UNEQUALED: unmatched, unparalleled, incomparable, inimitable, unique
UNEXCITABLE: stoical, calm, cool-headed, unruffled
UNIQUE: unparalleled, unequaled, unsurpassed, unusual, rare, unprecedented
UNPARALLELED: peerless, unrivaled, inimitable, unique
VAST: immense, enormous, great, infinite, boundless
VERSATILE: many-sided
ZEALOUS: earnest, ardent, eager