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NAVFIT Problem and Solution Guide

NAVFIT98 Problem and Solution Guide

1. Problem: The Summary Letter doesn’t print correctly if more than 12 members are in a group. Members 13-23 will print in the second column (misaligned) and members from 24-9999 do not print.

Solution: This is a software bug that will not be corrected until a new release of the software is provided. If you have more than 12 reports, create a folder and copy it to the NAVFIT 98 program. A Summary Letter can be prepared in NAVFIT 98. The only other option is to print the Summary Letter in NAVFIT 98A and type in the information.

2. Problem: Block 47 name, grade, command of Reporting Senior is limited to 25 characters, otherwise the software gives a Runtime 524 error.

Solution: The software was distributed with a database that has the field defined as a text of 25 characters. If you create a new database via the software (File/Create Database) it will create a new database with the field defined as a memo, which will allow unlimited text. Once the new database is created the records could be copied from the database by using the Import and Export options on the File menu.

3. Problem: Runtime error 339″ and “Component ‘VSSPELL.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

Solution: The VideoSoft Spell checker that is used in NAVFIT98 requires that the MFC42.dll and MSVCRT.dll be located in the Winnt\System32 or equivalent directory and that the files be version 6 or higher. These files usually exist on the machine but is sometimes in another directory. If this is the case the user should copy the files over to the system32 directory.

If the files already exist in the System32 directory but are not version 6 or higher, you will not be able to copy a version 6 or higher file into the System32 directory unless you rename the already existing .dll files. Rename the old version of the files that already exist in the System32 directory to MFC42.old and MSVCRT.old. Then copy the version 6 or higher files into the System32 directory.

4. Problem: Ordinal 6467 could not be located in the dynamic link library. MFC42. DLL Component VSSPELL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered a file is missing or invalid.

Solution: Follow the info provided for Problem #3.

5. Problem: NAVADMIN 213-02 paragraph 1D misunderstanding. A Summary Group Average block has been added to the reporting senior’s signature block on both the FITREP and EVAL forms. In addition, a member trait average block has been added to the reporting senior’s signature block of the FITREP form. The FITREP or EVAL form has to be printed and Member’s Trait Average and Summary Group Average must be handwritten or typed on the printed form until changes to NAVFIT and EMPRS can be affected.

Solution: NAVFIT98A does not include this change; a future release will be required to support this requirement.

6. Problem: When Block #5 (“AT/ADSW”), Block #10 (“Periodic”) & Block 14 [dates- we used “02APR02 to 02MAY02”] combined entries were attempted, it could not be filled in without getting the following error: “One of the boxes (ADT/TAR/INACT) is required to be checked….”
(see “Errors.doc” attachment).

Solution: The program does provide the indicated error but will let you “bypass” it and enter both AT/ADSW/265 and a PERIODIC check even though the ending date is not the “normal” periodic date.

7. Problem: Block #29 would not enforce truncation to 4 lines max (allowed user to add more that the 4-allowed lines of text).

Solution: This is a software bug that will not be corrected until a new release of the software is provided.

8. Problem: The last name prints blank on the Summary Letter even though the SSN and Trait Average appear.

Solution: There must be a comma after the last name in the individual report in order for the program to “see” the last name and place it in the Summary Letter.

9. Problem: Block 41 (FITREP)/Block 43 (EVAL) [Comments section] shows written information on the screen but when the report is printed the block is blank.

Solution: Check to make sure the pitch has been selected. If the field for pitch is blank the comments will not print; 10 point or 12 points must be selected.

10. Problem: NMCI will not allow emails with NAVFIT 98A files attached.  The file extensions (.mdb) are stripped off. How can I forward my reports up the chain of command?

Solution: Export the folder and/or report to your desktop or c:/. Once it’s there, change the file extension. For example, change the file from smith.mdb to Then attach the file to your email and forward it.  Remind the recipient that they will have to save the report to their desktop or c:/ and change the file back to .mdb before importing it into NAVFIT 98A.

11. Problem: When I try to import a file that is named “EVAL.MDB” or “FITREP.MDB,” I get a “Format: Unknown” error.

Solution: NAVFIT 98A interprets files with these names as being imported from an older version of NAVFIT and tries to convert the file but the conversion routine cannot recognize the file format and returns the error. Before importing, change the filename to something other than “FITREP” or “EVAL.”