FITREP / EVAL Guidance

The Two Minute Lieutenant FITREP

Seriously, You can spend two minutes on this and have a pretty good block 41/43 for your LTJG FITREP.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Copy this text to a word document
  2. Replace <<CONTENT>> with the actual information
  3. In two minutes you will have a darn good FITREP


<<YOUR NAME>> is trusted and valued member of my <<YOUR PEER GROUP(WARDROOM/TRIAD)>>. Whether attending to a planning effort, addressing administrative concerns, or executing <<YOUR COMMUNITY>> operations, he exercises sound judgment, takes definitive action, and delivers top-notch results

TRUSTED ADVISOR: Over the last, <<TIME AT YOUR COMMAND>> <<YOUR NAME>> has been my trusted advisor. He has provided expert recommendations on both mundane and critical command level decision. He provides expert strategic level guidance and has earned my complete confidence in his judgment. Expertly led his <<UNIT YOU LEAD>> through the planning and execution of <<LAST EXERCISE / DEPLOYMENT>>.

RESPECTED MENTOR: Responsible for the mentorship, professional development, career advice and guidance for my <<DIVISION/DEPARTMENT/COMMAND YOU ARE OVER>>. <<YOUR NAME>> led formal and informal training in order to further develop these Navy Leaders into future Department Heads, Commanding Officers and Command Master Chiefs.

LEADS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: <<YOUR NAME>> took the lead in improving processes for numerous command operations to include <<YOUR TOP 2-3 COLLATERAL DUTIES>>. His work is flawless, and I have complete trust in <<HIS/HER>> management over these complex programs.

COMMUNITY EXPERT. Consistently contributes expertise of <<YOUR COMMUNITY>> doctrine and training. Adept in “big picture” planning, yet capable of diving into the details. His rapid synthesis of tactical and operational information has been the cornerstone of his commands success. <<YOUR NAME>> is quickly growing into the <<YOUR COMMUNITIES>> LEADING SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

OUTSTANDING LEADER: <<YOUR NAME>> is a true operational leader. I handpicked him to lead my very challenging <<UNIT YOU LEAD>> which <<HE/SHE>> has done with flawless results. Most impressive was how <<HE/SHE>> turned around <<CHALLENGING PROGRAM>> from failing status to outstanding.

BRILLIANT TACTICIAN: My lead <<WATCH STATION>> watchstander onboard <<YOUR UNIT>>. <<your name>> effectively leads <<HIS / HER>> peers and juniors alike for tactical guidance. Most notably <<HE / SHE>> was looked to for expertise and guidance during the challenging <<LAST CHALLENGING TACTICAL EVOLUTION>>