Who can be a reporting senior?

Who can be a reporting senior?

There are three primary types of reporting seniors:

a. COs and officers in charge (OICs) are reporting seniors by virtue of their command authority. They may submit properly authorized FITREPs, CHIEFEVALs, and EVALs on any member who has reported to them for duty, whether junior or senior to them in grade. The term “commanding officer” is inclusive of all Services and their civilian equivalents within the U.S. Federal Government. OICs are reporting seniors if they are in charge of commissioned or established activities listed in the Standard Navy Distribution List. When a member is assigned to a non-U.S.Government activity, the reporting senior is the member’s U.S. administrative commander unless another reporting senior is assigned by order or directive. A member in this category may receive a letter-type report from the non-U.S. Government activity for attachment to a FITREP, CHIEFEVAL, or EVAL.

b. Delegation of reporting senior authority is an actual transfer of that authority, and not merely an authorization to sign “By direction.” For this reason, delegation is held to the highest level consistent with effective observation of performance, and the CO’s oversight responsibilities are carefully defined. For specific direction concerning delegated reporting seniors, refer to enclosure(2), chapter 2.

c. An immediate superior in command (ISIC) is a reporting senior for assigned COs and is authorized to assume the reporting senior authority of a subordinate CO whose capacity to act as a reporting senior becomes impaired. Specific guidance is contained in enclosure (2), chapter 2.

d. An enlisted OIC in the grade of E9 and civilians in command positions who hold the grade of GS-9 through GS-12 may sign reports on E5 and below. A chief petty officer (CPO) or senior chief petty officer (SCPO) may sign reports on personnel E4 and below only.GS-13 or equivalent may sign reports for E1 to E9. Reporting senior authority for enlisted OICs in the grade of E7 and E8 may be delegated to sign E5 reports with the prior written approval of NAVPERSCOM (PERS-32). All other reports willbe signed by asenior in the chain of command having authority to report on the member concerned.