What is required if adverse information is placed in a FITREP or EVAL?

What is required if adverse material is placed in a FITREP or EVAL?

U.S. Navy Regulations, 1990, article 1122, and reference (b),the Naval Military Personnel Manual (MILPERSMAN), article 1070-170, require that a FITREP, CHIEFEVAL, or EVAL containing adverse matter be referred to the member for a statement before it is placed in the official record. A member who does not wish to make a statement must so state in writing. This referral is normally accomplished when the report is presented to the member for signature. While not an all-inclusive definition, NAVPERSCOM will consider a report adverse if it contains a trait grade of 1.0,a promotion recommendation mark of “Significant Problems,” Command or Organizational Climate/Equal Opportunity trait graded below 3.0 for E1-E6 and W2-O6 reports, or a trait grade less than 3.0 in Character on E7-E9 reports; has more than two traits graded as 2.0; or contains comments indicating serious weakness, incapacity, or lack of qualifications for promotion or assignment. A report shall not be considered adverse solely because it may make the member less competitive than another for promotion or assignment.