What are the three types of reports?

There are three types of Navy Evaluation and FITREP reports

a. Regular reports are the foundation of the performance record and must be submitted periodically per the schedule in table 1, and on other occasions specified in the EVALMAN. They must cover, day-for-day, all naval service on active duty or inactivedrilling Reserve duty, except for enlisted initial entry training and other limited circumstances. Prior to submitting regular reports, efforts should be made to determine the ending date of the previous report, if any, to ensure regular report continuity is maintained.

b. Concurrent reports provide a record of significant performance for active duty (ACDU) and Full Time Support(FTS) members fulfilling additional duty (ADDU)or temporary additional duty (TEMADD)orders;and for Reservists supporting the ACDU and/or their designated cross-assigned billet assignment. They are optional unless directed by higher authority, and may not be submitted by anyone in the regular reporting senior’s direct chain of command. A Concurrent report must be countersigned by the regular reporting senior, who may also make it the Regular report for the period concerned if continuity is maintained with the previous regular or regular/concurrent report.Refer to EVALMAN, chapter 4 for detailed requirements.

c. Operational Commander reports are optional, and may only be submitted on COs or OICs as observed by their operational commanders who are not also their regular reporting seniors.Refer to EVALMAN, chapter 5 for detailed requirements.