What are the significant changes in the 2015 BUPERSINST 1610.10D?

What are the significant changes in the 2015 BUPERSINST 1610.10D?

There are eleven major changes to the new BUPERSINST 1610.10D to include:

a.Incorporating NAVADMIN 183/11that realigns the strategic sealift officer (SSO) designators within the 16xx series. The new designator is now special duty -strategic sealift (166X).

b. Incorporating NAVADMIN 219/11that establishesa 60 percent Early and Must Promote combined promotion recommendation limit for lieutenants.

c. Incorporating NAVADMIN 028/13 that requires using combined officer summary groups for Information Dominance Corps (IDC) officers,regardless of designator.

d. Incorporating NAVADMIN 243/14 which directs that TransitionAssistance Program Military Life Cycle counselingrequirements are met.

e. Incorporating BUPERSINST 1610.10C change 1thatreinforcesthe importance of evaluating commanders, officers,and Sailors on their contributions to command or organizational climate/equal opportunity and military bearing/character.

f. Requiring reporting seniors to document whether commanders, commanding officers, and officers-in-charge conduct required command climate assessments.

g. Incorporating BUPERSINST 1610.10C change 2 that updatesguidance for evaluating performance in the area of Military Bearing for flag officers.

h. Prohibiting comments in block 41/43 (Comments on Performance) regarding a member’s potential for civilian employment.

i. Incorporating Reserve-specific language where applicable throughout the instruction to clarify procedures andenhancing Active Duty reports on Reservists providing operational support.

j.Incorporates comments on evaluating unit commanders and commanding officers on a command’s personnel security program and comments on officers and senior enlisted.

k. Incorporates comments on evaluating senior enlisted and officers on their contributions to building an innovative culture.